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Everyday Art People is exactly that; Everyday Art for Everyday People. 

Everyday Art People (E.A.P) is an online shop for linocut art prints. The linocut prints are limited edition and affordable artworks for everyday walls.  E.A.P linocut artworks are completely handmade and each print has unique characteristics.   


E.A.P Lino prints are simple representations inspired by daily life around the world and here in Australia as experienced by artist Matt John Smith. Our mission is for you to enjoy rare artworks without the price tag. We hope there's a little something for everyone!

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The Linocut Print Process

Linocut is a traditional printmaking method also known as Lino Print, Lino printing and Lino Art. Linocut is a variation of wood block printing in which a sheet of linoleum is used for a relief surface.


The designs are drawn onto the lino plate and then carved out using a Japanese Micador (v shaped chisel).


Once the image is carved out completely, the Ink is then rolled onto the Lino sheet with a hand roller and the image is pressed onto quality fine art paper.. Yep, you guessed it, by hand…. and then boom, we’ve got your Lino print! 

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Each linocut print is completely unique.

Because each artwork is pressed by hand, every print will be in a unique state to the other artworks in the edition and may vary slightly to the example photo...


Each piece is made to the artist's high standard and presents excellent..


We're positive you'll be pumped to find a frame for your new artwork and get it on the wall ASAP... or if you're buying for someone else, they'll be stoked with their original gift! 

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Each Lino print is super limited edition in number, so every artwork on your wall is more special for the affordable price! Edition numbers are kept to a maximum of 10 only and each artwork is hand signed and numbered by the artist.

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Linocut art inspired by daily life around the world.

New Zealand born artist Matt John Smith is driven by adventure and spent years travelling to all corners of the globe. Notably, he lived in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, travelled through the Middle East and backpacked across Latin America.


Accompanying Smith were sketchbooks and film cameras, so he spent his days capturing daily life in the streets.  At the completion of his travels, MJS began experimenting in various mediums and in 2016 had his debut solo exhibition in Sydney.


Since then he has participated in various group shows in both NZ and Australia and is represented by The Artists Room Fine Art Gallery in his hometown of Dunedin.  Smith’s work is found in personal collections all over the world.